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Bloo Lagoon Eco Resort offers some of the best dives in Bali. Our philosophy is to protect the beautiful coral reefs, to preserve the underwater life and ecosystem so future generations have the opportunity to enjoy diving as we do. Eco diving is an exploration and fun, all you need to do is to be aware of how to protect the underwater life. First of all it is important not to touch the corals, since it will damage the ecosystem which includes both the smallest corals and fish and to the biggest sharks and whales.

Another rule of eco diving is not to leave any garbage in the water. For this reason we offer organic lunch boxes and drinks served from a refilled tank to bring to the specific dive site. By doing so, we reduce waste and recycle the lunch boxes.

We offer you the opportunity to stay, dive and experience the wonders of Bali above and below water. Our complete packages are for everyone. You can dive the amazing sites around Bali, stay at the most luxurious eco resort in Bali and tour the incredible temples.


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